IDLast NameFirst NameBirth PlaceBirth DateAgeLocationColorSlave StatusOccupationProfessional OccupationEducationPersonal WealthReal Estate WealthParty AffiliationPolitical PositionMiscellaneous
1 Adams Henry 1835 or 1841 Adams black laborer, 1870; farmer, 1880 illiterate Republican; Democrat Officer in a Republican Club at some point before 1880; Election inspector, Washington precinct, 1880 voted Democrat, 1880; married with six children, 1880
2 Allen Harrison 1828 Adams mulatto farmer literate Captain, Pine Ridge Black Militia, 1870 His wife, Hannah, was a school teacher; two children
3 Angelety Emile C. 1865 Adams architect; contractor; brick mason Colored Political Club, 1896
4 Anderson Henry Franklin, KY 1805 Adams mulatto slave police illiterate policeman, 1870-72 married with one child; SCC claim
5 Anderson Owen MS 1819 Adams black employed in telegraph office illiterate Democrat President, Colored Greeley Club, 1872
6 Anderson William H. Tenas farmer Republican delegate to the parish Republican convention, 1878 served in the Federal army in a MS regiment for 3 years and 6 months
7 Andrews James Adams colored Keeper of the Poor Farm, 1877
8 Andrews Samuel MS 1850 Adams mulatto works at oil mill illiterate Republican constable, 1871-72; delegate at county convention, 1872 (Lynch supporter); deputy sheriff and jailor, 1883
9 Armstead Stephen Concordia colored Republican president of Republican Club on Innisfail plantation, 1876
10 Bacon Richard MS 1843 Adams mulatto laborer illiterate Republican delegate at county convention, 1872 (Perce supporter) wife, Maggie, a school teacher
11 Bailey Horace C. 1855 Adams black farmer teacher; pastor at Pine Street Baptist Church literate Republican Republican challe